Slaters to Ireland

Praise the Lord! We have had 29 teenagers sign up for teen camp, and several more who are thinking about it! Please pray all week for God to be working on the hearts of the teenagers and leaders who attend camp. It starts this Sunday at 6:00pm and goes through to Friday at 5:00pm. Also, if you are interested in sponsoring a teen to go to camp, please let us know. The cost for each teenager is $165, and we have several teens who could use help in raising their funds for camp.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Emily came up with a great way to build good will with the schools here in Mallow. Ireland doesn’t have a teacher’s appreciation week, so she thought we should start one here in Mallow.

She is making a few dozen cupcakes each day to deliver to the primary schools in town (there are six different ones). John delivered the first batch this morning, and they were well-received. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of sugar with their coffee before wrangling a classroom of rowdy kids?

All told, she will make about 17 dozen cupcakes. With a little bit of money and some hard work, we hope to warm the hearts of the primary faculty and let them know that their hard work is so appreciated.

Free Parking Day

Yesterday our church led a campaign to put smiles on people’s faces and help spread the word about our church and The Word of the Gospel (see what we did there 😉 ). For very little cost (and some wet clothes), we were able to brighten a gloomy day and hand out tracts with information about our church. Please pray that someone would come to know Christ through this outreach.

Slaters to Ireland

Emily has a dentist appointment this Wednesday at 11:30am GMT to have a tooth extracted. She has been in misery for over two years and has had multiple root canals(on the same tooth) and seen countless dentists and specialists to try to fix her pain to no avail. We are praying that this extraction will heal her and give her comfort. Please pray with us that everything will go smoothly and successfully.

Slaters to Ireland

Last night, there was great rejoicing at our Discipleship Conference and in heaven. Ralph, a teen in our church, was born again during our session on sharing your personal testimony. We are so proud of him for his humble decision to follow Christ!

Slaters to Ireland

Lives are being changed here in Ireland! It is incredible to see the transformation when people surrender themselves to Christ!